What says screw you louder to a guy who messaged her after he screws up-a girl replying that he pissed her off or silence?

I removed him from fb because he led me on and used me and dropped me cold. Then he messaged me that he saw I unfriended him and that he is sorry and should have told me he "doesn't feel the spark" and he understands if I feel that we can't be friends.

What a tool! When he was rubbing himself on me moaning this is so hot he sure was feeling it.

I I didn't respond to the message because I think him knowing I read it and didn't even choose to respond shows "screw you" better than any response does.

My guy friend however said I should have given the dude a piece of my mind.

What do you think? Is silence the best fuck you?


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  • I personally would respond and tell him that you don't want to be friends and whatever else you feel may be appropriate. Don't get mad because you never know if he'll get enjoyment out of that; be stern and to the point, no frills or beating around the bush.

    He'll see you read the message and will probably contact you at another time thinking you forgot to reply. It's best to just tell him what you feel and leave it at that.

    Also, I just want to say... I understand what you're feeling; I had a guy do something similar to me a short while back. I'm sorry you had to experience this.

    • I want to tell him that I erased him because I regret what we did and he led me on and I don't appreciate his lack of communication because I am not a piece of garbage

    • Tell him that.
      Say that you're worth more and that you didn't deserve to be led on like you were nothing. Go on to say that you also unfriended him because you can do better and he isn't worth your time... what ever else you feel is necessary.

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