Getting my ex back?

I have become friends with my ex again. I made a few mistakes and hurt him hence the reason we broke up.
How can I let him know in a suble way I enjoy his company and what are the signs he like me?
We broke up 5 years ago. I never stopped loving him.


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  • better wait... till u mention it. otherwise he might find it awkward :)


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye forever, my love. And with two "EXES" who still Mark an X in one another's hearts, it's often This way to begin your beguine By-------Becoming friends again.
    You both are off to a great start here, dear. You are nursing and nurturing a special friendship first before jumping back into the murky waters that First caused your break up. And with you, being you may have been the reason of the season as to why 'We broke up,' I am sure as time goes on, he will see that you have changed and that you learned a little lesson in life and in love.
    Go slow with your flow this time,. lakm786. He is smart, he will see some sure signs of every little move you make, a twinkle in your eye, your voice and any little sounds and words that you make, that you really still love him.
    You will also be able to get a helpful hint, with not much hymning nor hawing on his end. Any movement he makes, any sounds and words that come across his lips, you will know that even with being friends, that you are most likely the one... he never stopped loving. At the moment, I believe he is being careful and on his guard.
    As far as reuniting, only Mother Nature knows this for sure. If it is meant to be reaped into a ripe ol' romance again, she will plant more seeds and between the both of you... you will sow them and make sure this time they are well cared for and protected.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You need to be around him, and unfortunately start making some moves towards him and see how he reacts. Read his body language.

    • What type of moves should I make? Weird question but I don't want to be too full on.

    • Touch him when you talk, joke around with him in a flirty way, just make big signs that you ate interested and see how he reacts

  • Ex is an EX for a reason. Do not you have another friend? Do not become friend with him , really.
    You will get hurt.


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