Can drugs cause this kind of paranoia, or is it a personality disorder?

Not more than 24 hours ago me and my boyfriend were snuggling and having a good time at my place, and he slept over, everything was perfect. Then the next morning when I come out of the shower he is standing in my room looking at me with a murder-look, accusing me for having "hid" some of his belonings. I laugh it away as I had done nothing of the sort and helped him look, and I found it, it was just on the floor. But then he started accusing me of having stolen his toothbrush the other week. I answered that I hadn't of course, but then he started raising his voice and told me to tell him where it was and why I stole from him. I kept saying I would never steal from him but he was DEAD sure that I had stolen it from him. He kept attacking me all the way out of the house, and then I had to leave. I spent the whole day calling him wanting to talk about it, but he didn't pick up before in the night. We spent two hours on the phone where he yelled at me and told me I was a lowlife their and if I didn't admit it it was over. I couldn't admit to it because I didn't do it, and I thus do not know where it is. He also said I threatened to break up with him and that I was ruining the relationship because I didn't surrender. We ended up breaking up because I didn't "surrender" to being a theif, and then he blocked me everywhere. He was down right scary. I have seen him do this before, I've tried to asked if I can help him, but he just gets angry. He blocks his best friend all the time saying he is the "root to all evil".. I know he used to do a lot of LSD and other drugs.. What is happening?
Help. Thanks in advance! <3


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  • Well, drugs can cause extreme paranoia but so can a personality disorder. It's really difficult for me (or probably anyone who isn't a licensed psychiatrist) to tell the difference. Don't try to get him back, especially if your safety is at risk. These types of delusions are hard to remove and even more so without the proper training.


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