Men why do you bother to say this?

So i get a text after 6 weeks of break up my ex basically saying he will always love me and will never hate me etc its a waste of a text why bother?


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  • Guess it seemed important to him that you understand that he harbored no I'll-will or resentment. He probably meant well in any event... 😞

    • Just feel that it didn't need to be said. Iv been heartbroken about the break up he's been so mean. Then am doing great and boom text !! Just so he can basically make himself feel better. Its very cruel i think especially when i haven't text called or bother him in any shape or form.

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    • Its ok. It was really hard to accept at the start. But I've been getting on with it. Just didn't need that its almost like he's soing it to control me again. I ain't txting him back. Not a chance. A dont need to hear he will always love me etc. Shld it not be me aaying that? He was the one who ended it xxx

    • Ya, he's probably trying to play at something. You know how some people are...

  • he hopes that u'll come back 2 him maybe :)

    • Hmm a dont think so a just think there wasn't any need for the text. It was basically a text just letn me know what i already know just incase I've forgotten. Think it was a bit cruel after i haven't bothered him atal

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