Me and my ex decided to be friends.

right, me and my ex decided to be friends. and even though he broke the relationship off, I was fine with being friends. yet he started to do things that pretty much took that friend option away. he would text me when he was apparently "drunk" things like 'i miss you, come see me' and 'kiss me' and 'i want to see you'. and he would always talk to me online; sometimes he would be fine and would talk about that past or w.e. but other times he would be so nasty and "off". I've recently told him to delete my number and I've blocked him online etc. but I just don't get why he would take the friend option away when it was him who initiated the idea in the first place.

also just just the other day he text me saying he would be at this party and then when I text back he corrected my spelling? so I ignored it.

Also he has got it into his head that I'm sleeping with a lot of other people (I'm really not). and a few weeks ago when he confronted me about it and I said "why do you even care?!". he replied with "why the f*ck wouldn't I care! I still f*cking care for you but I don't f*cking want to!".

and all of this is so frustrating because no matter how much I try and convince myself that I don't, I know I still have feelings for him. and I hate the fact that those feelings are still there.

please don't tell me to forget about him and move on...i have moved on in the sense that I don't want to be back with him. but at the same time I want to be friends as he is genuinely a really fun person to be around, and I reckon we could still close friends. but he's the one standing in the way of that... :(

I'm so confused...
Me and my ex decided to be friends.
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