How can ask my ex the so many questions I have without other people to be there and bother us?

I'm trying to break the ice with my ex but with the progress I've made its seem to be breaking but this wall keeps building up I don't what to do I still really like him but I don't know if he still likes me we stare at each other in the hall everytime and we do the activities after class but we talk like if it normal conversation but only when others are around. I want to try to pull him aside and ask him questions about the relationship we have now as friends and his opinion on it but every time I see him talking with another girl I get super jealous about it but he doesn't notice it what do I do.


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  • smply he just doesn't want 2 b friends :)


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  • Tell him you want to talk to him about something, and meet him somewhere to talk one on one.


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  • just pull him aside.


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