What is the best way to get him back with my situation?

Me and him had been arguing but it wasn't bad. We had 3 bad arguments and the last one he left me. I'll admit I was a bit moody with him but the doctors kept switching my medication around. He had seemed a bit distant anyways but I didn't expect him to leave. Now he doesn't even want to be friends. I don't see him often and I would like to know on how to get him back regardless of the situation. Our relashonship was a good one until he left.


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  • oh well... if he wants to come back... i guess he'll initiate conv first :)

    • I'm just wanting to know what I can do to get him back.

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  • I'm in basically the same situation as you. We had a few fights and then we had a bad one and he was done with me. I still can't believe he hasn't given me another chance yet. I thought for sure we would get back together quickly. :(


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  • just give him time.


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