Why does women expect us to read their minds aND break up when we stop putting an effort to?

I sware I could never figure her out. She got to the point where she would nudge me off like yeah I'll text you later.. battery gunna die text you later. Then would randomly blow up and say u don't show me anything.. u use me and don't care.. bitch you didn't show me anything. I sware man.. it's frusterating. I didn't give in and just played the same thing back and she broke up crying saying she feels used and I'm an asshole and mistreat her etc .. I'll admit I'm not good with compassionate stuff but why would a girl think this would work in her favor? Sorry I know I'm ranting at this point.


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  • All I can say is: move on. You could talk to her to see what you did wrong , or what you did NOT do. Communication is key in all human relatioships. If after you talk and can't figure out what went wrong, well... there are 3 hypothesis:
    1) she probably overthinks things and goes nuts over them for no reason,
    2) she did something bad and reflects it on you,
    3) she just wanted to find a sketchy excuse to dump you and leave you dumbfounded.
    But still, I'll try to find out what went wrong.

    • Can you read my other question and tell me if it's number 3?

    • I just read it.
      Well.. you said that she didn't tell you anything when you would go out 'with the guys'. Why does she get mad then? It's her 'fault' if she's just being an hypocrite and not telling you straight to your face that she wants to spend time with you.
      Also, you said that you love her. You know... it's not because 2 people love each other that they should be together. Circumstances, personalities and habits play a great role in that. Honestly, I haven't ever believed on that 'meant-to-be' bullshit, there's no such thing. But still, 2 people have to get along, they have to actually want to be with each other, etc. What I see in your story is that she apparently loves the drama between you two. And the fact that she blows up all the time and is not being straight forward with you is a sign that she has issues. I'm not saying that she's crazy, but she probably has anger management problems or else. That's what I see through her behavior.

    • Yeah. This was her first relationship I'm older by 3.5 years. I think she might of thought if she was straight forward it would look needy on her part. I don't believe that it's meant to be shit either. I did hurt wheN she left tho

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  • Usually, they want an "emotional" connection with a guy (fairy land style), and then get upset their emotional "needs" aren't being met. She believes you don't get her, so she starts feeling more distant--and more bitchy. Her increased bitching makes you distant in turn and you stop trying, which she then interprets as you no longer caring about her (which is now, in some measure, true), so she goes into one last tantrum to "fix" things, then flames out of the relationship.

    Ultimately, she brought unrealistic expectations into the relationship, got herself disappointed, then blamed the guy for not being like the guy in her imagination. Thus most breakups.

    That said, it couldn't hurt for you to analyze where you may have legitimately fallen short and make sure it doesn't happen with a future girl (hint: learn how to help a girl be realistic without having to logically explain it to her).

    • Dude you put this into perspective really well. I asked for her back man I tried to make it work at the end but she had her mind made up. I was going through the fricken police academy when she was acting up like this.. didn't have time to deal.

    • Yeah, going through the academy and dealing with that BS must have sucked.

      Still, a good learning experience.

      In your next relationship, keep the early honeymoon phase tame. It helps setup more realistic expectations for her. Act then as you would months later.

      It will also help when the women you date are older and more mature.

      Also, girls like to feel "progress" in a relationship. If you start off not doing much with her and increase a little over time, that will cut out a lot of bs. Every now and then, change up some of the activities you do with her, maybe learn something with her, that seems to pacify them a lot too.

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  • Women are like rubix cubes just when you think you have em figured out, they do something and you have to start all over again it's a life long challenge.

  • i'd say this is majority of girls 6-8 months+ in a relationship. good luck

    • It's over I mean she left. Got to the point where we just completley resented each other.

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