Can I get him back?

my ex tried to break up with me once while we were in the car having a fight and I said no. When we got home I asked him if he actually wanted to and he said no. He proceeded to reassure me the next few days that he wanted us and wanted me and I thought things were ok. The following week he came home from lunch with a friend whom was also going through relationship issues with her husband and told me he was done. We were living together or 2 years so I had to pack up my stuff an leave which took me 5 days. His cousins girlfriend and brothers girlfriend comforted me and helped me pack. I tried contacting him but he refused to see
Me or talk to me and when he did he was angry and said it was I repairable. I stopped contacting him for 2 weeks and then had a weak moment and asked how he was. He responded nicely and said he was ok but it would take a long time to heal from ad he was sorry he hurt me but he knew it wouldn’t work. We texted a bit and then I started to tell him I still loved him and he stopped responding and eventually said he was turning his phone off. I left my camera at his house so a week later I texted him and said I was coming to get it and e could hide if he felt he didn’t want to see me. When I got there his female friend who was having marriage issues was there and I told her off for knowing he was going to dump me and not telling me. I then left with my camera without seeing him and in my way home he texted and said ” I thought you were ready to talk” so I turned around and came back an hadn’t seen another text he had sent saying to stay away from him and his family. I came back and found him outside ad he started to walk away from me and I pursued him. We argued and then laughed. It was all over the place but e said he was angry at me for the way I dealt with the break up and said that he wanted a partner who contribute the same as him as I didn’t work as much as him. He said I need to live like a real adult an I p


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  • Naw so quite being that girl stuck on stupid when there are plenty of fish in the sea


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  • Wowowow! Aight, let's go straight to the point. This dude doesn't seem stable whatsoever, socially, emotionally, etc. I bet you're a grown up woman, you talk to who you want no matter if it's total strangers or his family. He's just being all over the place for nothing, he's behaving like a kid. He's already narrow-minded enough to have sex (let's say things as they are) with a married woman. He's 'not happy with how you dealt with the breakup' = what the hell! Breakups are hard and everyone gets hurt or feels guilty. You are not meant to 'make things easy' for someone but yourself. Girl, stay away from that dude. He doesn't have his shiz together.

    • The married woman is his best friend of ten years. She's leaving her husband because he found inappropriate texts. Everyone has reassured me they're not together, but either way they deserve each other I guess. I'm just upset because I know I made mistakes and I suffered from anxiety an depression and didn't treat him how I should have in the beginning of our relationship, but I got help and changed my life around the last 6 months of our relationship, but he said he couldn't get his mind turned back around. Then this past week he had some of my stuff still so I asked if he could drop it off at my sister in laws and just leave it on the door step and I would get it from her.. He said no problem and to give him a list. I gave him a list of 4 things and he brought 2 out of the 4 an said he forgot one thing and the other was at his parents... Why prolong giving me my stuff back?

    • K, I have 2 answers for you:
      - you are either overthinking and he's just forgetful and has serious attention problems;
      - or he knows that you will call him back for this two things, which means that: he has a way to have power over you!
      He knows you'll want these things and will use them to draw you to him, if it makes sense.
      Next time he texts about these stuff you left, tell him that he can drop them in front of the door and you'll pick them up later.

    • He's not in contact with me so I'm probably reading into it

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