Anyone hve any advice on how to get my x back?

Ok. Like i said in my "how do i cope with this break up" question. I broke up with my x of 3yrs 7-8 months ago because the grass looked greener on the other side. He didn't treat me wrong, i just wanted to strt a family with him n it wasn't working. Then one day during an argument he said he never wanted to hve kids anyways. i was heartbroken. then my current boyfriend came along n made it sound like heaving a kid was a breeze. So i leaped. Its the worst mistake of my life. Dont get me wrong i care about my current boyfriend, but not like my x. N yup i still haven't gotten pregnant. Which i guess i kinda like bc i want to b preggo by my x n marry him. However lastnight i found out tht my x has another girl. He has her up in the house i put the depost on n paid the rent in full by myself for more than 6mo, up in our bed, with the man im still in love with. Im SHATTERED!! Now dont go thinking i want him back cuz of her, I've been thinking about it for months now. I've been up all night crying. i want the love of my life back, but how do i talk to him? do i go over to the house n talk to him face to face, do i beg him over FB messager to talk to me, send texts, call, what? i dont want to b the psyco x, but I don't know wht to do. I'm losing it. please please help.


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  • Move on. You aren't mature enough for marriage, with what you just wrote. Neither is he.

  • Feelings and love can kill us more than bullets sticks and stones! I would ask to meet up with him and talk. Tell him how you feel and why you want him back. How can you say your not sure you want him because he has a girlfriend when you left him and have a boyfriend! Cmon talk about being hypocritical... I don't won't kids next year that might change. Maybe 5 years. Why does he not want kids? Don't pressure him into having kids it's a big commitment. Time and finaically. Also what wasent working in your relationship?


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