My ex broke up with me almost two months ago and just feels no need or rush to spilt things up. As in bills that are in each other's name. I can't get off of the bills without his permission and talking to the company. I've asked him to do this several times and he ALWAYS comes up with a reason..

Like no, there isn't need to right now. What will you do then? How will you be able to afford it... And I have said like I will figure it out we aren't together it isn't you're concern if I fall on my ass... I have caused Late fees and sometimes do not pay cause I can't because I had lost my job so... Yea... He will just pay it and I don't get why... Just take me off and you can keep the 116 and not pay 40 dollar late fees and 50 for storage...

Another thing is we have a storage unit full of stuff we got together when we used to live each other... We stopped because of finances... Then 10 months later broke up. So I have asked to go through this and he said take what you want and I was like I don't have a key you do... But like we need to sort out the things we bought together and he is just -_- no. Just no I don't want to talk about this...

LIKE WHY won't HE SPILT THINGS UP? HE BROKE UP WITH ME saying he wants unhappy (because I was depressed and because he just became unapologetic to things and people) and didn't feel the same anymore. The love was different... ITS BEEN TWO MONTHS ALMOST. is this like one of those power things where he keeps ties cause he wants to be able to be like oh if I want you back I can cause you can't fully be rid of me and let go? Or is he just stupid or to him he just feels like he doesn't care and is lazy?


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  • oh well... u know, i guess wot he's doing is kinda illegal no?

    u could settle things on da court if he keeps insistin :)

    • refusing to spilt things up is illegal? If I want access to storage he lets me but he is there cause he has the key cause it's his lock... I mean I don't know if me saying to a court I just want to be off his bills is illegal. He pays them even if I don't see I don't see this holding up. I see them being like well if he is continuing to pay then I don't see the problem

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  • Passive-aggressive JERK = WHY
    as such, it's A-OK to segregate yourself from everything HIM
    You are SO wrong you need his permission; all it takes is tenacious personal appearances at these places that bill you with proof of a different current residence w/o him BUT
    it's cheaper to get a lawyer to do all this PRESTO
    who won't take any emotional, business or passive-aggressive BS from anyone (get a cost range quote prior, then compare against your time and emotional abuse DIY)

    • I don't know if I have that kind of money I haven't started my new job yet... :/

    • Don't know IF you don't ask
      some lawyers will offer "terms", delayed payouts, installments, layaways, etc.
      after all they also provide the community with Pro Bono services (google it)
      Get off the sofa & just DO it (author: Nike)

    • A lawyer will also get you UN-brain washed = how I judge your comments, sorry + being so is usually NOT one's fault, it happens over time
      Like the elephant in circus that initially was staked out with a chain... after she quits struggling against it, they replace chain with more convenient rope... she thinks she's still helpless to get away, though reality says she could snap that rope.

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  • He doesn't care


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