Past girlfriend messages me?

TL;DR below===
The first girl i ever fell in love with when we were around 16 ish, we dated for like a year, from different towns. Well I broke up with her because I was joining the military and didn't want to put her through sticking around for me throughout all that time.

(In restrospect it was only a few years, but as a Kid it seemed a long time). She was devastated and I felt heartbroken because I loved her so much also.

2 years later before i leave for the military, We get in an argument over why i broke up with her, why I ddint ask to get back together soon after, and back and forth like that. I couldn;t really argue against most of it because it was all true basically. But I did however send her a gift box of our old letters we sent to one another as a mememnto before i left, she told me she never received it. I beleive her, but it does explain why she got really angry with me.

Fast forward 4 years and I turn 21, am out of my two year military contract and could not stop thinking of her out of the blue. So I message her. we exchange a few mesages and I ask if she wants to hang out.

She was happy with this i could tell, and so was i, but her friends were telling her not to get back in a relationship with me. How can i compete with this girl's friends i thought? Why would i put that strain on her?

She eventually, maybe a year later of sporatic messaging told me never to message her again.

So I haven't mesaged her in years, I am 25 now, she messaged me randomly, with just "Hi, how are you? We should get back in contact"

And honestly, i feel very mad, for like 5 years I tried to mend a crack in our relationsip and a few years after i tried to move on, she messages me.

TL;DR ===
I was the one that broke it off at 16-17in the first place, tried to mend it, she told me not to ever contact her again, 5 years later she is trying to get back into contact with me, now I feel mad because i finally have gotten over a big emotional hump of, well, getting over her...



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  • do u know if she's in arelationship herself now? if she's then she might want u just as a friend :)


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  • dont take her back


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