Boyfriend broke up with me but has agreed to see me face to face, does that mean he might get back with me?

Been with my boyfriend for 7 months, things are great between us until I have a drink. I blackout and become quite nasty towards him with my words and tell him I don't want to be with him, there is no future with us etc. I don't know why I say these things as I love him more than anything. I realise I have to now change my behaviour and do something about my drinking but that is a whole other issue.

So basically Thursday night we got drunk and I broke up with him, took it all back the next morning and he forgave me. Last night I went out with friends, called him when I got in but he was sleeping so didn't answer then sent him a few rambled texts that didn't make much sense. This morning he text me and said I'm no longer accepting your behaviour, we're over. I have apologised profusely all day but he said I think a break would do us good, he says he loves me but it's not enough when he's not getting treated with respect. I asked if we could meet face to face, he said if you want but what more can we do or say to change things? He has agreed to come over tomorrow night to talk.

My question is the fact that he is agreeing to come over and talk is a good thing yes? He may give me another chance? Or is he just humoring me because he feels bad? I just feel like if he was really done, he wouldn't have any reason to come over.

I love this man and I will be heartbroken if he sticks with his decision, how should I approach tomorrow night? I am 22 and he is 29.
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I should have added I gave him a choice i text him saying,

I would really like to meet you face to face to try and sort this out. But if you are positive in your decision and don't see it working out with us then we should cut contact so we can both move on. It's really not what I want but I will respect your decision.

That is when he came back saying can we make it tomorrow night then as he has plans tonight.

So he could have just said yes I am positive in my decision?
Boyfriend broke up with me but has agreed to see me face to face, does that mean he might get back with me?
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