My boyfriend ignored me for no reason. Will he come around and talk to me again?

He's been ignoring for around 6 days. How long do you think it'd take for him to talk (if he does)?

Also I politely request that any unhelpful comments about my age or how I should be studying etc . should be kept to the individual, and not commented here as an answer. I don't want to hear it. Thanks x
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Normal for a teenage boy (or a guy of any age) to get tired of their girl. Let him be, he'll come around.

    By ignoring I assume you've tried to contact him several times. Don't do that, leave him alone, he will eventually come around.


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What Guys Said 3

  • If there's really no reason for him to ignore you, I think you should look for him and ask what's going on instead of keep waiting.

    • Well we had just finished discussing breaking up, (he's leaving for Albania in a year) and I told him not to worry about all that stuff and to take each day as it comes and we spoke for a bit after and that's when he started ignoring me.

    • We didn't have any arguments, and I was not a bitch about anything whatsoever

    • Oh, he's leaving. Maybe he just needs some time to think better about this situation, perhaps he fears he'll get hurt when he's not able to see in person anymore.

  • then y don't u try textin him 2 see wot's goin on?

    • I texted him the day after he ignored me and he ignored that too. I decided that being clingy about things would only push him further away so I've sent him nothing since. I've seen his snapchat stories and he is completely fine. Fundamentally, I am just extremely confused as to why he ignored , me in the first place.

  • People usually don't stop talking for no reason, he'll come around.


What Girls Said 1

  • yeah he will.


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