I don't understand why I still feel this way?

i haven't been in too many relationships so seeing any red flags is still somthing im learning. my first relationship was for a year and i honestly had a very mellow feel about it because i just didn't have any way of seeing my girlfriend, infact it wasn't even really any feeling of love in my first relationship. my secound one that started in November was very fast and short lived, she would always flirt with other guys and do other things that made me extremly insecure, she left me for my friend because i guess i wasent giving enough. i found out later that she was lying about a lot of stuff and was an attention seeker. but because of her i have been losing my mind because she won't leave me alone even though she is dating my friend. i feel like lesser of a man because of her. she makes me feel like i faild at somthing and its my fault for this all happening. i know she is playing games with me but its working and i can't get her out of my head. the relationship lasted for 3 months and ended in January ish. i feel like I've lost a lot of my self esteem and i feel like i will never get another girl, i put too much into this relationship and i got left. how could a 3 month fling seem like more than a year long relationship?


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  • its totally normal!


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  • actually u shouldn;'t feel like dat coz of a gal bro... it's not the only 1 around... anyway,3 months rn't so long time, so u shouldn't feel, u wasted yer time :)


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