How do I get over the fact of my toddler telling me about the women in my ex's life?

I have a 4yr old and me and his dad broke up with me 4 months ago after a 4 yr relationship. His dad and I have been on and off and last Aug. we tried to work things out and it failed miserably! Any who we have a shared custody arrangement where his dad gets him a week and then I get him a week. The break up is still fresh and my heart still sensitive. The thing is that when my toddler comes back home he will mention female names. I try to be strong, but it reallyhurts. Like today I was giving him a bath and he said so and so washed him and was telling me how they washed his pee pee. I know I shouldn't get upset about this, but I cannot help but feel that it's too soon for my ex to be letting someone else bath him etc. The thing is that whenever I get my son back from my ex after a wk he always comes back with his hair matted etc and nails very long.

Im just frustrated because the breakup is still fresh to me. By the way he and I were never married.


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  • You need to set rules the way you want see them down
    with your son, if it means going through the courts than do it
    but you need communicate with your ex or these things will
    continue , no communication than things you dislike and
    effects you will continue to break you down but you got be
    strong for your son to stop these things from happening
    you got lay the cards on the table on how you want them
    to be cause if not than it will never happen and your ex
    needs to be aware on how you feel and if you don't want
    other females bathing him than tell your ex it's his job
    also tell him as the father he needs to make sure his sons
    hair is not matted and that his nails are cut and that he is clean.

    • You know he's the type that will NOT listen. I mean having a mature conversation with him would basically just make things even worse.

    • Awe well it would be nice if he did that's shame :(

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  • Forget that, someone other than your child's father ( 4 month...) should not be bathing your child. There should be your concern.

    • I am very concerned about this, however he is not going to listen no matter how I bring it to his attention.

    • You bring it to CPS's attention.

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  • You have to put ur ex behind u! Period... get ur self back up on ur feet and go on a date. Your ex prob. Had this women on the side all along. but who cares its over and u gotta move on for ur piece of mind

  • errrr he's an X so... i guess he's a free man now, no?

  • You're just going to have to take it


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  • Oh man that's tough but you have got to air out those feelings like now if you bottle it up and try to ignore you annoyance, I promise it will become anger. This is huge its your child and at the end of the day we are animals, try to avoid mama bear reflex it could get really ugly really fast
    Talk to him now. set rules and boundaries please.

  • Tell him that you don't want any of his new girlfriends around your kid until you're comfortable with her

    • sadly even if i tell him that he won't listen. He never listens. All it would do is cause a big fight.

  • just relax. its not a big deal.


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