Girls, I think I just got rejected after my first attempt to date in years... kinda lost atm. What do you make of it?

Long story short, we hit it off really well. Net at a party, talked. Another party lots of hugging and flirting, until her friend got sick and I helped her out, which she appreciated). She offered me her number, told my friends she was attracted to me, and we texted for hours daily, often times she'd initiate. Then we spent 2 days together, it was part of a larger group gathering. At the end of the second day she wouldn't stop telling me that I was the best guy she'd ever met and taking about how good looking I was... But we had to split up for a while... She told me to message her back so we could meet up before I left. I did, but ling story short she had good reasons why she couldn't meet up that night... So I messaged her the next day, I might have said something lame like what's cooking good looking, but I asked if she could meet me like we had talked about the day before. She didn't answer, but I saw her with another group of people. We smiled and greeted, hugged and all that she apologized and said she just now got the message... Okay so that was kinda sucky didn't totally believe it, but I was kinda jealous cuz the guy she was with I know she'd been with before. (A hook up not a relationship) but I mean it's whatever...
Anyway she stops being as responsive in our messages over the next week. I decide to just ask her out, she says the weekend put a damper on her funds, which I actually know is true, but that she'd like to go with me it'll just be a bit since she's gonna need to work overtime.
Soo it's the weekend now and I find out she's chilling at a fair (mind you I guess it might be free... But still)
I guess I'm wondering what your thoughts are, did she reject me, or is there still a shot, she still sent me a message yesterday as a response saying Im too sweet...
My best friend's girlfriend randomly messaged me saying that though she doesn't know the girl personally, she's feels she might break my heart and advised me too stop cuz she seems like a flirt...
my best friend got mad at her for messaging me and encouraged me more (I didn't tell on her fyi, I actually really appreciated it)


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  • Just try it again!

    • Should I try asking this girl out again? Or someone else? Cuz I honestly want to believe she's sincere, but the last girl who said all these things was just kinda using me for when her drugs gave her a bad mood and needed someone to talk sweetly to her... And honestly that's kinda damaged me...

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