He cried when he broke up with me should I try and get back with him?

So he and I were together for 5 months, we lived together for 2 yet I still live in his mother's house taking care of her. He left for the military and I will be doing the same in 4 days. He broke up with me on family day and cried when he did said he didn't want me to be waiting and lonely yet I have been waiting for 3 months and have been fine. All of his friends and I were under the assumption he was going to propose at least that is what he told us he was going to do. He made me promise not to break up with him when he was in basic yet he did it to me right before I leave. I can't quite understand as to why he cried when he broke up with me. He was way more distant the 2nd day and dumped me right after sex yet I know he enjoyed it, he said he wanted to give me a couple of months alone to make sure he is what I wanted. Was it because he actually loves me or he found someone else? Any answers are appreciated
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  • guess u should stay just friends... and wait wot wil happena fter military


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  • You should move on, dear.


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