OPINIONS NEEDED! Is it time to break up when?

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 5 years. He was my best friend who I told everything to. And honesty is my #1 rule. But I went away to college, and just finished my 2nd year. I'm home for the summer, and I just found out over the past 2 years he hid things from me. Such as, smoking weed with my younger brother, hanging out with girls, (one sent him nudes), and just small things that I know don't matter (if he would have told me up front)... but now I feel like I can't trust him. I told him everything.. and I thought it was a 2-way road. But he was "afraid" to tell me.
Do I stay with someone who doesn't tell me things? I don't think I can... :/
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  • Sometimes guys hide these things because they think their girlfriend will be upset. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to excuse him for not being up-front with you but you have to ask yourself if it's worth breaking up over. Is he an otherwise good boyfriend? If so, I think you should have a serious talk with him about your thoughts on the subject and find some common ground.

    • I agree... but he's known forever that honesty and trust are important to me. My dad left for a younger (20 some-year-old) girl and whoever I be with I need to trust fully. I am more upset that he didn't tell me, not at his actions.. I feel lied to.

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    • Yea, he avoided telling me. Well, he lied at first when I asked him. He did get caught with weed once and told me it was someone else's.. that was a lie.
      But when I live at college communication is important. and know i feel like i don't know him at all

    • If you feel like he's a different person and no amount of communication can patch it up at this point, then I would suggest leaving him.

      I can't defend him for lying. I can only shed some light on possible reasons for his lying / aversion to talking to you. I know someone picking up weed against their girlfriend's wishes can often be problematic. Especially, if you've expressed dislike for weed in the past or people who smoke it.

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  • you practically said it yourself at the end when you said " i dont think i can" but really talk to him , tell him how you feel about all this


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  • Do you know for a fact if he hasn't fooled around with those girls who clearly like him enough to send nudes? If you're against weed and he smoked with your brother that's a line crosser. I'd probably leave. Trust is hard to come by and he doesn't exactly have it in spades.

    • I don't know for a fact I guess. I assume he hasn't.. It isn't even the actions so much, it's the fact he didn't tell me and hid it from me. i hate when people lie and hid stuff. He should've told me and we could work through it... he should know that after 5 years.

  • Talk to him and give him one last shot

  • For me personally, if my girlfriend experimented with drugs, I wouldn't care, as long as she didn't become addicted. But the nude pictures with other people... aw, hell no! That would be a deal-breaker.


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  • End it and you'll find someone who doesn't do stupid things and acts like a 12-year old


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