How would you move on from this?

I was seeing (we wern't actually official) a guy for a while and it ended really badly. But I can't stop thinking about what could have been and it's seriously bugging me. I've been trying to focus on why things ended the way they did and find some reason for me to believe it NEVER would have worked, even if those things didn't happen, but it's not working. It happened about 6 months ago by the way.


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  • We're literally going through the exact same thing. And mine ended about 6 months ago too! Ig the best thing to do is accept the fact that it's over. (I know how hard that is) If you guys are talking, or if he keeps trying to talk to you just don't talk to him. If you have social media and like follow him on instagram or are friends on facebook then delete him. But if you both want to be friends and can agree on that then do that. You shouldn't have to feel sad for a long amount of time because of a guy. Just remember to stay open to finding other guys, maybe not even dating, a simple crush can help.

    • I've already deleted him off everything... I'm pretty sure I don't I have feelings for him anymore, it's more like I'm finding it hard to heal after what happened.

    • Well, I just say don't date anyone else until you're ready. Please listen to that because that's the worst mistake I've ever made. Try not to let anyone in too fast, get to know the person more, just know that the reason why it didn't work out isn't your fault. There's nothing wrong with you, it just wasn't meant to be. One of these days you'll find someone really special and it'll all work out. Just don't block everyone out.

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