How do you stop thinking about past hurts?

I was seeing a guy (we wern't actually official) for a while and it ended really badly. But I can't stop thinking about what could have been and it's seriously bugging me. I've been trying to focus on why things ended the way they did and find some reason for me to believe it NEVER would have worked, even if those things didn't happen, but it's not working. It happened about 6 months ago by the way.


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  • I jump off the edifice of reality into the abyss of music and drown in it! Only to resurface at my leisure.

    • Nice, thanks for the advice :)

    • @Asker - thanks also in all seriousness. Try new things, go explore your city in an area you've never been or to a part but in a different time of day there may be a different and interesting crowd you could mingle with, learn a new language and then go to a place where they speak to make a new friend, you could go to meetup. com and find like minded peeps and join a club, start working out.

    • Ok, thanks, I'll try it :)

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  • Honestly you just have to recognize your self-worth. Do you love yourself? If you do, then be happy because you deserve to be. Don't let some guy who doesn't care about you continue to ruin your happiness.

    If not for yourself, then for your potential future boyfriend. He probably won't approach you until he sees that you've moved on and that you're generally happy.

    You really just have to motivate yourself to move on. I sat around for 5 months waiting to feel better, but it was only when I found out that he moved on that I realized that I truly wanted to, as well. When I got that motivation, *poof* I started to get over him and the pain :) and I'm sure you will, too.


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  • Express the pain the hurt made you feel, whether it’s directly to the other person, or through just getting it out of your system (like venting to a friend, or writing in a journal, or writing a letter you never send to the other person). Get it all out of your system at once. Doing so will also help you understand what specifically your hurt is about.

    • Thanks that's actually really helpful :)

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