Help me with breaking up?

I tried to break up with my girlfriend minutes ago on a call, but I felt terribly bad and couldn't do it because she was already crying a lot before I tried to break up :/
I cheated on her, because I began to lose interests in her..
she deserves to be with someone else better who truly loves her, draggin this will only hurt her more and more..

Please help me harden myself and break up with her :(


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  • Just be honest.

    I'm sorry I have to ask you though, because same happened with my ex boyfriend - he lost interest and broke up with me, but swears he didn't cheat. If you lost interest would you still initiate to stay friends? If yes, why? My ex keeps calling me wanting to hang out and I don't understand why if he lost interest?

    • She and I have talked a lot about ourselves including our struggles and issues. We both understand each others a lot, in fact we're the only one who do. I still want to be there for her when she needs someone to talk to.

      Maybe your ex misses your company too.

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    • You are right. I'm full of shit. The real reason I wanna break up with her is to not feel guilty when I'm seeing someone else. I dont find my girlfriend sexually compatible or attractive anymore. She deserves someone better than a cheater like me.

    • Sexual attraction can be worked on and loosing it happens all the time in long relationships, just imagine being married to someone for 10 years for example, do you really think they are sexually attractive to each other every day? No ofc not, and breaking up because of that is very immature. It's gonna happen for every single next girlfriend you have, until you grow up and realize how stupid you were.

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  • although it is super hard I think you really need to up to her in person and tell her the truth. your only hurting yourself and her if you don't! do it so that she can find someone who actually likes her :) hope this helps :)

    x Anna x

  • Just say it's through and that you've lost interest. Tell her you don't want to string her along and give her false hope. Bottom line, let her know you don't want to hurt her👍

  • Just tell her everything you feel,
    I know you don't want to hurt her but it still hurt. She will be better , just need some times.
    I know how she feel, my guy also cheating on me, but he still wants me to stay. And I'm a fool by that -.-
    Good luck


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