Boyfriend broke up with me because he lost interest but still keeps initiating friendship and calls me to hang out, why?

See I never understood this. I only broke up once with a guy because I lost interest (aka god bored) and by that I meant I didn't want him as a friend either. I mean why would I breakup if I still wanted to hang out with him? No logic right?

P. S. We were 3 years together and he broke up 3 months ago.


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  • I don't know how your sex life is but this sounds like something my friends would attempt to do for a fuck buddy, If not maybe he just feels bad and don't want you to feel like you did something wrong. Maybe he's trying to give you closure or comfort


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  • He should have termed this "taking a break"
    b/c I feel he might be shopping other gals but wanting to keep some (you) on a string so when final culling time comes, you'll be there.

    Beyond these obvious pragmatics
    is the fact that 3 years ingrains one into another and he misses the positive aspects of that life... maybe not as drastically as losing an arm... but there are times in the night where something (you) important seems missing/lacking in his life

    • Yeah I agree, but I didn't suggested that while he was breaking up because I was shocked and hurt, i just took it as black or white. I know for fact that he is not seeing or interested in anyone else (he is home all the time, working from home and playing video games all day long) and he told me it's not because he wants to explore other possibilities, so yeah I don't know.

    • Video games these days brings distant people together & even get married... last one quit job, moved to East Coast to be married w/new job over a video game affection. These days, we can shop emotional love/lust from our living rooms... don't discount this.
      Work brings us into contact with wonderful exotic people that may divert us for a spell or forever.

      He's NOT defined "other possibilities" to be fully understood, so please force this definition with particulars so that you and others are not forced to repeat this history ever again.

      What IS he to be so secretive about something so intimate/important to one's life? Libra, Scorpio, Gemini?

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  • #1 He wants you back and is trying to feel around the territory to weasel his way back in after breaking your heart. He regrets breaking up.

    #2 He wants his ego fed. If you let go of him easily and move on, he'll feel like he is "of less worth". This is the male version of attention whore. He wants to hook you in and have you suffer wanting him back, so he can feel validated.

    #3 He might want you for sex and is trying to make you into his hook-up buddy because he already has rapport built with you.

    In your shoes I wouldn't wonder and take chances. Fuck him, it's over. Ignore on all fronts, block, delete number, declare exes should not be friends. Spare yourself the mental torment, don't let any dude mindfuck you. You're a woman, it would be embarrassing.

  • Maybe he wants to know if you don't have ill feelings towards him

    • He knows exactly how I feel. He's not my favorite person anymore and I am disappointed, and he knows it's gonna stay like that forever, no matter if we're friends or not.

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