How to move on from your first love?

I just want her out if my head. I'm still in love but well aware that theirs no chance. Its at the point where i want to meet someone new but my head keeps going back to her. What do i do its been 4 months and I've already fucked up a good thing going with a girl i met a few weeks back.


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  • Time would be your best answer. It took me a while to get over my ex perhaps 5-8 months but it was worth it with how he treated me. I would say give yourself more time. If you have anything that reminds you of her I would say get rid of it. If you have her number block it, delete it, whatever you need to do to help you move on. Getting rid of what he gave me, and blocking his number, blocking him off of social networks helped me a lot. It also helped me move on, it just takes time that's all. That's how my first love was, he was stuck in my head plus we went to school together and it seemed like I was seeing him everywhere. And then my mom told me to act like he doesn't exist, and so I did that and it helped me so much.


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  • Dude! It's only been four months. It probably took me 6-7 years, and even then, I struggled off/on for a long time. If was true love you will always love her, and she and the memories with her will be at the forefront of your mind and your nostalgic experience.

    • Thats what i was afraid to hear,6-7 years must have been hell.

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    • She probably left him same situation as me.

    • She went off to college and wanted her "freedom and independence," which really meant to screw other guys, starting out with a guy named, "Rod," a (former) friend of mind with whom she cheated on me!

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  • were you together for a long time?

    • Almost 2 years had her in my sights for 2 years prior, she was just really special to me.

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  • Dude unless u want to be in the house watching porn. Go out and get a girl dude. she's gone its over no big deal its over she is not gonna one day come running back saying i miss u. Thats the movies

  • You buy a pizza.

    • Fuck pizza i need pussy.

    • No, you need pizza.

    • I dont think pizza is going to help my situation buddy, and dont see why it would. Pussy on the other hand just might.

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