Why did he suddenly leave me?

Last week, my boyfriend of almost a year broke up with me. Originally, we had started out as best friends. Our bond was extremely strong and we both worked hard to keep our relationship. Previously, he had left me but at the time, he just wasn't mature enough to settle down. When we go back together, we made several promises on staying and not hurting each other. We were perfectly fine but then all of a sudden he didn't want to talk to me. Last Thursday, I was having a mental breakdown and needed his help. However, he was upset and had some problems too. The way I came across wasn't very nice and it seemed like I didn't care. He told me in the middle of our argument that he was having second thoughts about our relationship. Of course this hurt me a lot but later that night I apologized for my bad attitude and he apologized for saying that. He promised me that he wouldn't leave and that he said that because he was just mad and didn't know what to do. Last Saturday, I tried talking to him and he DID NOT want to talk at all. I got extremely mad and said some bad things I shouldn't have said. I thought that if he saw how big of a jerk he was, he'd snap out of it. The mean things continued onto Sunday and then he broke up with me. He said he didn't want me or the relationship anymore. Last Tuesday, we talked again and he said that he was unhappy and didn't love me anymore. I want to know, how can someone who cares so much leave so suddenly? He wasn't faking his feelings and he wasn't using me for anything. Do you think he'll ever come back? I treated him like a king but ultimately, I know I'm not perfect. I've been depressed, I've wanted more attention and I haven't been coping well. He knew I'm going through rough times and that I'm not at my best right now. He's going through stuff too and I didn't expect him to leave me. I'm really the only person in his life who's there for him and loves him. Do you guys think he's only rebounding? (Take in mind that he changed and left me in a matter of a couple days)


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  • u said he's goin through stuff... so that means he might have many probs now... can u b more specific about wot stuff he's doin through now?

    • I don't know much because he doesn't usually tell me his problems, but I do know that his family is in a financial crisis. His mother had a baby a couple months ago so more and more money is being used towards the baby. It's getting hard for them to get by and they have a large family. I think school is stressing him out too.

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  • He isn't worth it.


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  • You are 18-, how would you expect to have a relationship for a long time? srsly? he may urged you to have sex and you didn't and he got mad

    • Being younger doesn't mean a relationship can't last. And like I said, he wasn't using me for any of that. He legitimately cared for me.

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    • Yes a lot of people aren't mature enough, but that doesn't defeat the fact that things can actually work. I know a couple that has been dating since the sixth grade and it's great.

    • I am not going to answer cuz you don't want to understand

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