How to get my ex back while still living together?

My boyfriend and I live together, we have 3 weeks left on the lease. My boyfriend broke up with me a week ago because we fight too much and I made a huge mistake and begged him not to and he said it's over I don't want a girlfriend anymore. We always have fights like these then we get over it. I left the house for 2 nights to give him some space and I thought he would change his mind. He didn't. So instead of begging again I tried to stay strong and say okay but lets be freinds and he agreed. He has been sleeping in the spare room. This weekend he has been going about his life like nothing has affected him, while I am struggling immensley with this whole thing.

I know there is a no contact rule after breaking up to try and get your ex back, because I've heard guys suffer later on and girls suffer straight after. But we live together and I can't do the no contact rule so I was wondering if anyone has been in this situation before and what can I do to get my ex to change his mind. Please. I need him in my life so badly, it's really hard to not beg for him back every day and night when he is still living with me and no I can't move out until the lease is up.


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  • didn't u ask for fiendship at leasy?

    • Yeah I did? But I want more..

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  • I think it will be pretty easy since you're still living together.


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