How long have you and your mate , took a break after a argument?

Did you all get back together and how long was it before you hot back together?
The breaks started happening the last year we were together but it wasn't many at all I just give up nine years was a long time, I wonder how he seems to be over me he must really never cared , it was towards the end we would argue all the time we got along great for I would say 8 of those nine years


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  • Longest we've had an argument last has been about 6 hours so far, after 11 years. We try pretty hard to make sure we can get on the same page before going to bed. Which sometimes means very little sleep as we are determined to hash things out and find some kind of consensus or compromise, but we don't think it's healthy for the relationship to go to sleep angry with each other. It's seemed to work pretty well so far. There have been some ongoing issues that have required a few discussions over time to work through, but we would always find a good place to be on the same page agreeing to work together moving forward by the end of the night.

    If a disagreement is all it takes to end a relationship, the relationship isn't strong enough to survive anyway, so it may be a good sign that it needs to be put out of its misery. You either are bonded enough that you want to work through problems together, or you are not and problems tend to make you retreat as individuals.

    • We made it none years but ita been two months and he says he wants to stay single that I haven't changed , he doesn't call or text he is old fashion but when we meet for him to bring the kids money he is never angry with me he just rejects a relationship, do I have any hope or should I give up? I think he has someone cause we always get back together sooner than this but he denies it , what should I do is there any hope for us being that it was nine years?

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    • So no hope for me huh

    • Well, probably no hope for you in terms of this particular relationship, but that doesn't mean no hope for you in a general sense. There will be someone better suited for you out there somewhere.

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  • I've never gotten back after a break.


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  • not even 30 mins :D

    • I feel sad me and my man were together none years and we have a daughter who is three, he I so stubborn, its been almost a month next week , is there any hope

    • if it's been a month already... chance are no i'm afraid :/

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