Really confused in what she want?

My ex broke up with me a couple weeks ago, and it's been hard on me. She said we need to both make ourselves happy first that we depended on each other too much. The other night she called me just to tell me how she is happy reconnecting with old friends, and brought up some guy flirting but said she thought it was funny. I at first thought she moved on, but then she says she hasn't saying she isn't looking around. She said she has been waiting to see me and talk over with things to me but not about getting together before getting my hopes up.

Like she keeps saying we'll see and probably one day for a date or getting together, but it's been a couple weeks and I haven't seen her in 3 weeks. So if she hasn't moved on why isn't she making a better effort to see me and talk things through? Why is she keeping me on the edge of my seat like this? I try my best to act indifferent and not needy but whenever she calls me at like 3 in the morning or whatever it's hard not to ask her out or something. Is she testing me to see if i'm still needy or something? Because once I brought up how she was already moved on enough to flirt with another guy she said no I showed you because it was funny and I haven't moved on. Is this all a test and depending on if I pass or fail that will depend on if we get back together?


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  • she is keeping you as plan be for waiting for you to change something in your life obviously you can't ask her she'll just lie regardless of the situation connecting with friends and family pick up new hobbies and make yourself a better person become more attractive and every way you know how an apple pie eventually she's going to start gravitating towards you when she sees the new you or paranoid another girl will pick you up. you'll notice a difference when you actually start changing things and not making it to get back together just focus on you and eventually she'll come back one way or another. trust me I am in the same boat me and my fiance split up a couple of months ago because things got steel in our relationship of 4 years and a two year old kid I tried fixing things half heartedly just to get her back after about a month I lost hope I started eating healthier working out I drop 20 pounds re pierce my lips got a new haircut and a bunch of clothes that fit me the bond with my kid has never been stronger I have new job openings coming in and I stopped talking to her and started working on communication the difference and the way males and females work practice patience quit smoking everything I could to make myself a better person she drop my kid off one day and took a huge notice on how different I am it sucks because she has a boyfriend but she's always texting me now we Skype every night we flirt more than ever every time we see each other holding hands wrestling and just playing around having a good time because I actually made a change in my life for the better and as soon as she saw that she's been all over me I'm just in the process now finalizing it it is a hard and long process trust me but if you want to make it work you gotta fight for it know what you want and work for it no matter what anyone says good luck and remember the key is to actually change yourself for the better in every way you can every little negative thing that she did not like about you fix it and when she does come back capitalize on all the things that she says for example my ex told me that it is hard being with this new guy because he's just not dad since then I have capitalized on knowing that showing her that even if I was a good dad and a good provider before the amplified it 10 times over capitalize on the things that she likes as well I got my lip piercings back I quit smoking I lost weightthings we talked about before when w just remember its a long process


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  • it's all a test!


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  • if she calls that late, she's interested bro :)

    • yeah but she also I was being dramatic. See why I want to be just friends now? All I did was say it hurt how she made it like she was bragging how a guy was flirting with her. Which then in turn I just said sounds like you moved on and already talking/flirting with new guys. Did I ruin my chances now?

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    • So she's not interested in me anymore after saying that?

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