I broke up with my girlfriend for a bunch of small things that just piled up and annoyed me. For example:comparing herself to her ex's girlfriends?

She recently moved 2 hours away for just a summer internship, so she will be back. But because of the little things I felt I couldn't handle the "long distance" thing (even though it's not too far).
I sometimes feel I can't trust her because she is kinda insecure and needs a lot of attention, I can't give that to her this far away. So I called it off but still can't help feeling that I love her, we have texted and she seems very apologetic, but I'm just not sure what to think right now.
Do we try again? Do we just call it? What dose everyone think?


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  • Just call it.


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  • Your right, give her time alone. A needy woman means she does not love herself and that is not good for anyone. Time might help.


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