Deleting things off social media?

Long story short dated ex 10 years ago broke up went our own ways military etc. He came back has a lot of issues from the war. We started dating again in August he didn't have a job etc so i was paying for everything. He broke up with me in April day before Easter saying he needed time and needed to gwet his life in order. He felt bad about me paying all the time. I had to accept it but i guess i bothered him a lot after. Talked to his mom about something and started a huge fight in his house. He blocked me from facebook etc. He now has a new girlfreind not even a month after us. This makes me so mad, but i can't change it. In my heart i feel like we should ber together but its not happening. he's my person :( well anyway I was on instagram and noticed he started deleting pictures a pic of us and all the pictures of his other ex from when he was in the military. I never made him do that. Could she be making him do these things? I also dont think their relationship is going to work he already cheated on her with me a week ago, but she won't find out so I doubt they will break up unless she starts to see the real him. what do you think is going on, and do i ever have a chance with him again?


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What Guys Said 1

  • i doubt it... he's really mad since he started deleting pics n stuff ;)

    • Sorry you doubt what?

    • u'll get back 2gether

    • Oh true i guess. I just tell myself if its meant to be it will be, just like we found our way back to each other the first time, but im not holding my breath.

What Girls Said 1

  • you should let him go.

    • I know i should... Keep telling myself if its meant to be it will happen one day, just like we found each other again. Its just hard sometimes because we went through a lot together that I did not mention. Basically a huge turning point in our lives, and its something hard to forget about.

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