What happened to him?

Thank you all so much in advance. My ex and I have been on an off for 2 years now. During December, he broke up with me because he felt he needed to figure himself out. So come march we reconnected and things were better than ever. Until one night in which we got into a huge argument and I ended up breaking down. This was late April that it happened. He ended up breaking things off afterwards because he said that it just wasn't the same. He couldn't take the argument that we had. It consisted of me walking away from him after he freaked out on me during our argument. He told me he couldn't be with me. It was just never going to work out. That he wanted to be with me but couldn't take the stress. That he was done. Hours later he texted me telling me he was thinking about what I had said. Within days he was telling me he loved me and missed me. As soon as I would responsd in a positive manner, he would go cold again and ignored me. I figured that with him just being diagnosed with a lifetime health condition, he was just stressed and confused and taking it out on me. But this situation was just making me sick. So I ended leaving a letter with his things in a bag at his house and texting him briefly afterwards telling him they were there. I couldn't do it anymore. The back and forth was so toxic to me. I had to say goodbye. It's sad but I know it's better for me. I tried ending this rollercoaster with him in person but everytime I would talk about talking to him in person over the situation, he would ignore me and stop responding to my messages. It had to be done that way. The two questions he never answered that I wish you guys could help me on were this: 1) why would he say he was DONE and then within the matter of days say he loved me and missed me? What was with the back and forthness? 2) did he have someone else? Was he playing me? He showed me so much love and affection before that argument. What happened?
He broke up with me within the week of our argument **
And when he initially broke up with me over the phone, he said there wasn't a single soul he was involved with. He wasn't involved with anyone else.

But what do you guys think?


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  • I know it's tough... just try not to overthink think things. Sometimes in situations such as this it's our own mind that makes it larger than life. This dude is mentally ill as you said. I've tried dealing with a woman who was like this. Stop trying to figure him out... he's crazy. When they do things that confuse the hell out of you... you begin to mirror and try to put yourself in their shoes to try to figure their thinking. But their CRAZY... so you can't. It will destroy you!!! The day that you have figured out what and why he is doing what he is doing... you have officially gone crazy as well. Only crazy understands the thinking of crazy. Get out there and meet a new dude or spend more time with your friends!


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  • he was playing you!


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  • maybe he's tryin 2 make up for his mistakes and now he wants 2 come back to u?


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