Meeting an Ex-lovers girlfriend, HELP?

Details: Was with him for almost a year but it was never an actualy relationship. Then I moved and told him because he wouldn't commit that was the end since we wouldn't last long distance. He told me that I was being too harsh and that we didn't have to end with me leaving. We continued talking every day and so forth but right whe I left he started talking to another girl and within a few weeks was in a relationship with her. He did not tell me about her until 3 months later and then a few days after that we stopped talking all together because she will not let him talk to me. That was 9 months ago, and about 2 months ago he started breaking her rules and has been talking to me occassionally. Next month we are all going to be at a wedding (his friends' that I met through him that have become my friends.) I'm not taking a date but I have a few guys friends that will be there one of which I have slept with a few times and we're already planning on hooking up at the wedding. This is going to be the first time I have seen the ex in a year, and the first time I wlll ever meet this girl. I'm extremel nervous and insecure about being in the same vicinity as her. He is the only man I have ever been in love with, and I really miss his companionship and hate her for not letting us be friends. Any advice on how I should treat her or act at this wedding besides the obvious don't be the crazy chick that ruins your friends' wedding?
More exactly, how do I make the current girlfriend feel very insecure?


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  • You have to look very beautiful. Make it look like you've moved on. Smile when talking to her and your ex. Be cheerful and cool. Dress simple and elegantly.


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  • haha just try to keep your cool!


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