Can emotions slowly die out without it hurting so much?

If a man and a woman have been together for years. After these years, this man loves the woman. He loves her a lot and he can't live without her. He is attached to her... but she doesn't love him at all. She doesn't want to say hi anymore or even see him. She is so disgusted by him.

Can he eventually forget her and can his emotions eventually die out? How can I help him to forget about her? I have to help him.


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  • He will for sure eventually forget about her. It would be a process but you gotta remind him that life must go on and he has to move on.

    "He can't live without her" lol thats a lie. He will eventually get through it coz clearly he has no choice.


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  • Emotions die out quicker for people that haven't known each other as long. Yes, time doesn't always have anything to do with relationships and how to define them but, you got to know them longer. Eventually, you will forget her but it's going to take time. The best bet is to busy yourself with things that won't make you think of her. Read a book, fix things, paint a house, draw, or the most helpful thing, go out on dates. Going out on dates shows that you are ready and that you're not going to hang on to one person and dwell on what could have been. But don't date so suddenly, give yourself time.


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