Do you think she wants to meet up tomorrow to discuss perhaps getting back together?

My ex and I broke up, but about a little more then a week later she was with another guy, and obviously I was extremely upset. But then she broke up with him 3 days later, and then she tells me she didn't break up with him for me.

However even after that she kept on asking me like what I'm doing and if I've been with other girls etc and my instinct tells me that for some reason she probably still loves me etc. Also very recently after all the events I've discussed already here, I came to her house to give her a gift as it was her birthday, but after a couple of hours we had an argument and I was just like f* this and I'm going, so I head to my car and she like tries to stop me, and I said leave me alone and I was shouting at her and then she said to me why are you being like this etc, (I was still upset by the fact that she went out with that guy and it was kinda like nothing was for sure about whether they were really not dating anymore).

Now last night she said all the things she said how she felt about him wasn't really the truth and that she is also doesn't know who her true friends are etc.

Also she asked perhaps if we wanted to meet somewhere like maybe for dinner or something tomorrow night, to discuss stuff about us.

Now I don't know what this means and I obviously haven't given 100% of all the information, as it would be far too long of course.

Since we broke up (about 1 and a half months now), I've gone out and made out with this one girl quite a bit at a club, but that's all. And my ex said she hasn't made out or anything more then that with that guy.

Now my questions are, do you think she wants to meet up tomorrow to discuss perhaps getting back together? And if so, should I tell her that I've hooked up with another girl, or is not something that she needs to know? I'm bit reluctant to tell her, cos I still have feelings for this girl and I would like it if we did get back together.

Please, I need advice on this!

Thank you!

P.S: Sorry for the long question!


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What Girls Said 1

  • first of all you didn't say how long have you dated her?

    second of all, if you still want her then you tell her how you really feel about her asap.

    so she could consider it and perhaps change whatever plans she has in mind.

    third of all looks like she used that guy as a rebound I wouldn't worry much although jealousy kills. .

    fourth thing I suggest you don't say anything to her about the girl, unless she told you that she wants to be with you and work things out..

    like ask her about this guy first, get more details, if she keeps some stuff hidden then maybe she isn't sure whether she wants to be with you or not!

    then if you felt comfortable about it let her know about that gurl although its nothing, since you ve been broken up for a while now..

    follow her lead! if she's honest, then be honest. if she isn't need for details and info that has nothing to do with how you feel about her!

    • We dated for about just over 2 years and 2 months, does it change anything tho? But thanks for the advice! I will definitely keep it all in mind if I decide to c her.

    • Of course it matters!!! 2 years and 2 months isn't the same as 4 months for example!

What Guys Said 1

  • basically, what happened like it or not but she cheated on you with this guy whilst in the relationship with you and dumped you for him, but it didn't work out.. Something tells me he wasn't ready for a relationship..

    With that information taking her back is your option.

    IMHO is don't take her back.

    And don't even meet up with her..

    If you do meet, ask her to tell the TRUTH why she dumped you... maybe you were clingy boring etc... the reason being to LEARN from it.

    Ask her why she wants to meet up, don't buy any vague answers she'll give you, you have to be switched on.. "e.g what do you mean you want to discuss us..."

    Then tell her you not ready for a relationship with her now...

    Dont ask about that other guy anymore, because it will REALLY only give you more pain for no gain (how is the information going to help you, whether they kissed, sex, oral, etc.. doesn't make a difference.. assume they had sex). If she brings him up, tell her "listen that's your private life, I really don't wanna or care to know..."

    If she ask questions about you, just be vague say "i've been having fun.. nothing serious (of which you should)" the reason is you don't want her to think you've been sad and a loner, that's sort of letting her win.

    Anyway if she really want you back, she'll keep pursing you..

    Basically you should come off as a guy who've been having fun, and you really don't want her.. (want what you can't have..)

    But if you don't want her anymore, say you love her so much you want her back... (it might actually score you some pussy.. you never know, but damn sure will be pity sex.)

    • Yeah I know it won't get me anywhere, its just weird how some people (myself included) think that they have to know what happened between them 2. Anyway, thanks man. Appreciate it!

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