How do you get over after you lived together with someone 4 years?

I broke up with her because she cheated on me after 2 years, and with time I lost al interest in her and began to hate her instead of loving her :(((.

But she is a good girl. She had problems in her life...

I feel alone, confused, like a jerk

I don't even know what to do I somehow, I feel that I'm only a shadow now, and I am the one who is rejecting her, Maybe I'm asking too much to have common interests and to fully trust someone


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  • im so sorry that you feel this way but she shouldn't have cheated so don't feel like a jerk you did nothing wrong what did she do when you found out she cheated?

    • well, she said it was only a kiss, but it was in my house anyway, and she said she did this because I was not giving her enough attention

    • well that's still not a good enough reason to cheat if she really loved you she would have been honest with you about how she was feeling and I fyou are a good boyfriend you would have tried to work out the problem together

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  • 4 years hmmmmm dificult.

    it needs some time though... but still she'll never totally b deleted :(


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  • I'm sorry /: I think the best thing you can do is give yourself some time to mourn. Then pick yourself up and force yourself to go out with family and friends, even if you just want to stay home and cry all day. You need to distract yourself as much as you can. Find anything that give you any joy, no matter how small, and do it over and over whenever you can. And most importantly, know that in time, you WILL start to feel better and eventually forget her. Best of luck! <3


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