Should I tell my ex-girlfriend what her new boyfriend has been up to?

I dated this girl for nearly 3 years when she broke up with my last year because she said she didn't have feelings for me anymore. She resented me because I didn't treat her the way a boyfriend should treat his girlfriend, now granted, it was my 1st relationship, we were long disance for over half of it, so it was rough on both of us but I thought we were great together and I loved her like crazy. Anyways, we kept hanging out and kept in touch because like an idiot I thought it would get her back to me. Didn't work. She started seeing some other guy and I told her that I can't do friendship with her because I was still in love with her and it wasn't fair to me. I said give me a call if things didn't work out between them but otherwise this was goodbye. I didn't hear from her at all over the next month. After about a month she starts texting me and calling me again randomly, saying she wants to meet for coffee, but she's busy that week so shed like to do it the next week. Next week comes along and she asks if I wanted to go for that coffee, but I was sick so I couldnt. After I felt better I gave her a call and asked out for coffee, but apparently she had already changed her mind and said she didn't want to meet right now becaus she didn't want to give me the wrong idea (wtf? this was her idea all along). I know she is conflicted, but I told her I knew she was still dating the other guy (same guy from before), and that she hadn't mentioned him at all because she wanted to see me, but something has changed. What is it? She said she just didn't want to go through that pain with me again, she still resented me for ruining our relationship etc. In some kind of jealousy I was feeling, I just googled the guys name. Basically he has been posting on adult websites asking for pics to trade from people, asking for their messenger names, asking for videos of people drinking their own urine, talking about meeting up and pissing on people, and other weird fetishes.
Now if that gets you off, thats your business, im not here to judge, but I know she isn't into that, and even if she was, he is doing it with other people, online (maybe in person too, who knows). And all of this is very recent, like in the last few weeks he's been posting. Should I tell her? I told her no friendship again, because I couldnt handle it but I feel like she would want to know.. Would I come off as some creepy stalker?
well, if her believing me is a problem, all she would have to do is google the guys name herself. Or I could snap a screenshot (but I thought that would make me look even more creepy). Do you guys think it would be a good thing to tell her? or would it make me look creepy and get her to hate me even more for basically ruining another relationship.


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  • If you tell her with proof, she will immediately think you only told her in order to get back with her, but this opinion could eventually change. If you tell her without proof, she will probably think that you thought up any old shit to split them up. You seem fairly involved, are you still trying to get her back?

    • I do still love her yes, and she knows I do. But last week I told her I couldn't keep talking to her if she has a boyfriend and we aren't going anywhere, because my feelings for her are too strong. Then right after that I googled him and found this out. Been conflicted ever since on what to do...

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  • yes... but do u believe she'll believe u?


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  • i think you should!

    • Wow, so I told her, and it turns out she already knew he was doing this. She said she googled him too and asked him and he said it was just like porn for him, he doesn't act on it. I guess she is ok with this sorta craziness and lying to her, I thought she had more self-respect. Would any of you women be ok with your boyfriend talking to other girls online, exchanging pics, talking about things like the stuff mentioned above?

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