Where would you draw the line?

On how much your S/O interacts with their ex?


-Hanging out


-You suspect something



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  • Sometimes you cannot draw the line because some exes become the best of friends. They might turn against you and get angry at you because they had a relationship far before you.

    • In certain circumstances I might allow that; however, in the last 3 relationships I was in- it turned out for a negative occurance when I let them even talk- yet I still allowed that.

      The previous relationships I was in would usually fall for the "Ex" again - and then run back to them; of course, these were normally players and bad boys- and I was the nice guy. That still doesn't change what is morally correct. If they were your ex- they should remain an ex until years pass by and things heal

  • An ex is an ex for a reason. It didn't work out. Why do they still need to communicate? No good will ever come out of that. It might depend on how old they were when they dated, how serious it was, how LONG they dated. I'm not down with that kinda thing though, it's either the ex or me. I don't care if you were on eachother's soccer team or she knew your great aunt betty before she passed away...cut her loose or kiss me goodbye. ask yourself if he's worth sticking by if he wants to talk to somebody he used to sleep with.

  • Talking once in awhile to catch up, but other than that I don't see any other reason for more. I personally don't initiate contact with any exes. If they send me an email or we bump into each other I'm not going to ignore them, but I'm not going to make plans with them to hang out later. I've lived and learned.


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