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My boyfriend of a year and a half and I broke up a month ago. We had no real problems in the relationship, just the occassional fights. I just texted him the other day. Things are so up in the air and we never really talked about things. Tonight, my friend just told me they were at a party together and when I texted him he asked her "Is this (my name)?" He deleted my number!!! I asked "why does this seem so easy for you do you even love me anymore?" he said, "you have no idea how hard it is to not love you." Yesterday, I asked him if we can talk and he said "yes sometime this week I can" Basically, I'm wondering why he would delete my number? Is it really that easy for him to just move on?
Also, some of my friends are saying maybe it's cause he just didn't want to see my name anymore and didn't want to be tempted to text me


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  • If you didn't have any real problems in the relationship, you wouldn't have broken up.

    He deleted your number because he wants to forget about you and move on. In his mind, you broke up, it wasn't just some drama exercise that you did because you got bored one day.

    • Well, we didn't have huge problems. We got into a fight while he was on spring break at a school 10+ hours away and he decided to transfer there. He told me he didn't know what he wanted anymore... that's the reason we broke up.

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    • I wonder what then?

    • I don't think he impulsively decided to transfer to a school 10 hours away from you. It was probably planned, and he probably wanted to break up, and when you had a little argument, he used that as an excuse.

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  • men tend to move on easier.


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  • whoa... maybe he did it by mistake?


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