Should it really take a year to get over something like this?

here's how the story goes.

a year ago, I dated my best friend for a few days. I met him in drivers ed, and we got pretty close and he was there for me during a breakup and other crap, as was I for him. During those days we dated off and on, the most amazing things were said to me about how much he cared for me, and the works. He has been the only person to ever tell me those things. We promised to be friends no matter what... but that down the drain.

I should be over it by now. I've been through a few boyfriends, and so has he. He is clearly over it. We don't even talk anymore the way we used to. My current relationship is going down the drain I think due to how everything around me reminds me of him. everything.

I'm not sure what to do, because it is effecting me to the point I feel the need to break up with my current boyfriend because my feelings for him are fading and I'm falling for what I made the first guy I've been talking about to be. I see him every time my head turns in the halls at school, and I've had dreams about him! I thought I was over it, but each time we make eye contact it gets worse.

Should I tell myself to get over it? Or should I become friends with him again? We had dated twice, maybe third times a charm? This has to mean something... or I'm just obsessive and need to become this way with my current boyfriend.

please help me from going crazy!




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  • You obviously don't love your boyfriend so there is no reason you should stay with him. As for the other guy, I think you should send him like a little post card telling him that you will always love him no matter and asking him to reply if he still shares even tiny bit of the same feelings. If he tells you he doesn't love you at all anymore or if he doesn't reply, then the only thing to do will be to not talk to him and try not to see him. Make a list of things that made you love the guy and try to find someone who has all those qualities. Good luck.


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