A few months out of a 5 year toxic relationship. Can't move on. What can I do?

I've been out of a toxic co dependent relationship for a few months now. She was very mean and ungrateful and don't want anything to do with her, but I can't stop thinking about her. What the hell is this, and what can I do to stop it?


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  • It's normal and will pass. Will take some time, though. Sink yourself into a hobby (fishing, yoga, painting, shooting, anything!) to get your mind off it and socialize (if you choose something that's social). Get out of the house, move on with your life. Go out and flirt a little. Get your mojo back! You deserve better than a mean person.

    • She was super mean. Looking back, the only real good thing was the sex. It was incredible, but that was really it.

    • yeah. doesn't it suck? great sex is *usually* with crazy people. :)

    • See... I didn't know that.

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  • Omg well done bro!
    I was in a really toxic relationship just over one year ago for about for years.
    It takes time to move on from the big relationships as you had so much invested emotionally.
    You done the right thing and feeling the way you feel is completey normal trust me.
    It's really difficult but just keep pushing on and things will get better.
    I found working out really helped me a lot but I met someone else and a few months after and that's what really helped me. Maybe dating again and moving your attention onto someone else might help you too. :)

    • Dude that shit was rough! She was a psyco and I'm glad she's gone, but I miss her and not sure why. My friend says its Stockholm syndrome.

    • @asker I missed my ex for months after and she was physically and mentally abusive towards me for years.
      You just become used to that life with her even though it's wrong.
      I'm so glad I made the decision to leave her because I know there are nicer girls out there that will treat me well.
      I met a girl a few months after leaving her and I imidiatley realised just how bad she really was once I was with someone normal :)

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  • Just give yourself time.

    • It's been almost 9 months. We talked in January and we were getting along, then she turns around and says she's seeing someone and we can't be friends, which is fair. Strangely enough, I sent an email while drunk wishing her happiness and it just so happned to be the same day she broke up with that guy. Oops.

    • I didn't hear back of course. Probably for the better.

    • I'm sorry, I know its tough.

  • Get a new love.


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  • You like punishment find some bdsm friends

    • Actually I don't. Lol

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