Ex girlfriend wants me back, lust or love?

Basically, four years ago I had this girlfriend that dumped me for a guy that I knew for a couple of months, she was lying to me sayin that she had stop speaking to this guy when we were together, but my instinct always told me not to believe in her, even doe I never questioned her about it, I always had the feeling that , they were still "friends", long story short we fell apart for no apparent important reason, we just broke up from night to day.

4 years past she deleted me from Facebook, couple of times and added me back to check how I was doing and even if I was single (yes she did it). This time (few weeks ago) she added, and she commented my picture, thing she never done before since, I'm a very private person about my personal life , doe to my career.

This time I gave her a go just to see what she wanted, and guess what? She broke up with the guy she dumped me for, and she said this :

" I never thought that youd become somebody like this, going uni, been a manager and having yOur own business, I always thought you was gonna get drawned by the peoplE you hang with"

One of the most silly stuff I've heard in a while from a ex and the fact that the person she throught I was about to be. Eventually the guy she dumped me for, became that person, isn't that ironic?

She's a cute girl, fine body, but zero head, she is offering me A weekend abroad with her, she is saying that things have changed and she wants to prove me that, but in the end I'm single I have pride, (sorry for the expression) I have a d**** aswell and I'm like should I take it? because I'm pretty sure this girl is capable of everything, even from having my baby right now If you know what I mean... She's been chasing me like a...

And I don't have feelings for her and I doubt it she has aswell...


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  • sounds like lust.


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  • Based on her reaction to seeing you surpass her expectations, it seems like she's just lusting over your unexpected (unexpected by her) success. Despite this, it might not hurt to see her over the weekend to see what her deal is, even if it doesn't result in much. Since you are a self-identified prideful man, you probably won't want to give her a second chance at you, but I sincerely think you should just go see her anyways. You might be surprised you know (;?


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  • Be a man, preserve your pride and don't let her back into your life.

  • guess lust... didn't she show any luv signs... no?


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