I like a guy who has never had a girlfriend?

he is two years older than me , and he just believes that friendships are better than boyfriend/girlfriend because friendships get you farther, and he always asks me what I think about it and he knows I like him, and I just have this feeling that if I said a really good reason why boyfriend/girlfriend is better than just being friends than he might consider dating me, but I really can't think of one of those awesome things to say...?


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  • I actually think you should try to make him your boyfriend. If you stay his good friend and companion, and if you spend enough time regularly together as good friends, eventually he will get used to having you and he will one day love you.

    Trying to push or hurrying things up often creates drama or heartbreaks.

  • Ha!

    When it comes down to it, it's not about reasons, it's about emotions. Emotions dress themselves up in clever words, but the words themselves are empty unless they resonate with a sympathetic person.


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