Anyone ever made the mistake of confusing "emotional" with compassionate, and " intelligent with rational? I have and I just dumped him. ?

I don't know why it took so long to figure it out and i had noi business assuiming they were relateed ion the first place... at least i won't make that moistake again.


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  • actually most intelligent people ri irrational in some way... so..

    • well fig 'most' were then it'd make sense ion could make that mistake but point is it still wouldn't excuse it assuming just makes you idiotic things. i also dk if thats true that most intelligent people are rations;l. obviously i used to think sop. but as intelligence and reason are not the same there's no way of saying it is true. also there are many kinds of intelligence but to be rational depends up[on how you execute it;. a veery strong person 'could'; be a fire wo/man... doesn't mean most 'are':)

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  • many times...

    • i feel like such a tool and i wasted an entire year and over looked three guys who I don't know possibly could;d have been less of an asshole.

      its so unbecoming to be a whiny liar AND a prick. worst combo ever. at least blunt assholes have honesty going for them...

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  • Um... I don't really understand your question.


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