He broke up with me and then said he wanted me back & now is back with the girl he rebounded from me with...

My ex fiance and I broke up months ago. I haven't been able to move forward but within less than a month he had a girl living with him and claimed she stole from him and that he told her he loved her because that's what she wanted to hear but that he really didn't. 3 months into the breakup I finally started to smile again and then he calls and shows up at my job which is 100 miles away from where he lives. Then he calls me drunk telling me how he's tried to get over me but can't and that he's called his ex girlfriend by my name several times. He said he still wanted to marry me blah blah blah. So like the next day he was avoiding me. Then he finally admits that he is back with this girl but won't tell me if he loves her. He apologizes for hurting me again and states that no one has ever loved him the way I do and that I deserve so much better than him (WHICH IS CORRECT). What the heck is happening? Why did he do this? Now I'm back at square one, trying to get over the break-up ALL OVER AGAIN! Please tell me why this happened and how I should feel about it.


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  • Means you're not worth it for him


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