We broke up it's his fault?

we broke up the first time because of the same thing, he asked for one more chance, i gave it to him. I found out he is yet doing it again, although he is apologetic, he told my friend he knows i will not give him another chance. I feel betrayed and of course my pride is hurt, but because it was not cheating or domestic violence, i feel i might be able to forgive him later in the future. but i will not do this without him at least making a huge effort to win me back, can i get a little insight as to how a man's mind works when he feels hopeless about the situation? I feel if he screwed up and he loves you, he will at least try his best to win you back and prove himself first. maybe im still old fashioned


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  • Okay so what did he do?

    • see my response below for kaylas91. he did ended up writing a very long hand written letter which would be the first time i suppose, that he truly opened up to me,, I'm hoping his apology is sincere this time around. any tips on how i would be able to tell?

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  • It takes two to tango. It could be his fault that he didn't fix whatever resulted in the breakup, but it's partially your fault for perhaps being too demanding/selfish in your expectations, depending on what was the straw that broke the camels back.

    • he kept entertaining texts from his past lovers and i explicitly said that there should no longer be any communications between them given the fact they have no children together. the first time i found out, after he hid it, which lets me know the intention was there, he apologized and I accepted. I said i will not forgive him again the second time around. He gave me his word that was the last time. obviously it wasn't. i respect my relationships and protect the integrity of it, i expect the same from my partner. very simple.

    • ok yeah I agree it wouldn't be wise to give him a second chance.

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  • i agree with you.


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