Girls, I'm so confused about this text my ex girlfriend sent me before our second meet need some help?

To make a long story short my ex girlfriend left me for another guy. I'm trying to figure out if I want her back by meeting up to exchange belongings and see how she acts around me. We met up once already and it went great better than I expected it was almost like a first date she laughed at everything made me the center of her attention I give her a box full of her stuff and there was an invitation for a trip I was going on to be my plus one. I forgot it was in there. She asked if I had someone to take, I said not sure yet but have a few ideas. She smiled said huh o ok and just stared at me. She put the invitation in her pocket and we then she gave me the best hug I've ever gotten from her and a kiss on the cheek and went our own ways but she forgot some of my things like a ring she accidently found in our laundry. A few days later I text her to maybe meet up again and I pick a time and day. She responded with sounds great I have the whole day off and we text back and forth for a bit till she asks can i text you tomorrow. Well the day in question arrives and I get a text at about the time we are suppose to meet up saying "Hey my phone died. Can't talk to you for a few days. Will call then and explain:) . " I have no clue what is going on with this message if she was busy why not just say she is and just explain instead of saying she'll call and explain I'm sure I'm over thinking it but why a smiley face at the end. Before first meet up she ignored me for 2 weeks so I say anything at all I'm super confused about wats going on in her mind I really want to hope it's good for me maybe she's trying to figure things out with me and needs a few days I just don't know it's driving me crazy. Any help?


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  • you're overthinking it!!


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