How to deal with hurt from a breakup?

He and I dated 8 years ago in middle school. Since I was young I did not know what love was but the relationship to me seemed so real because it was my first actual relationship that I have ever had with someone. We were just best friends in the relationship, and that was it. He broke up with me about a year ago because some students and his friends were teasing him about dating me because they did not think I was cool enough for him and I guess he wanted to protect whatever reputation he had. The day that we broke up broke me, and till this day I am still broken because not only did I lose my boyfriend but I lost my best friend too. Since then he has never talked to me, or acknowledged that I exsisted in his world. I had my mind made up that I was going to move schools and not look back or think about him ever again, but that was hard for me because I could not get away from him we went to the same highschool and college. I had to spend 8 whole long years with a constant reminder of him. He would always find his way to me on campus or "accidentally" bump it to me. We had the same classes and sat next to each other. He never said a word to me and I know that he wanted to talk to me but since he was always with his friends he wouldn't. I thought that for sure at graduation he would say something to me since that we "supposed" to be the last day that we ever saw each other but he didn't. He cheered for me but that was it. I am not going to lie since he broke up with me my sadness turned into anger and I was furious that he broke up with me and I would threaten girls that would dare try to talk to him. I stole his notebooks and tore out all of his homework so he would fail. I would try my best to embarass him infront of people. Before graduation I had this blueprint plan of how I was going to break his windows, and rewire his car and slash his tires, but I realized that doing all of that was not going to make me feel better so I let him walk away unharmed, but I am still hurt. Advice?


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  • Maybe it's time to move on its hard but if it is meant to be it will be


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