What would you do if?

You and your girlfriend/boyfriend break up. What would you do if your significant other told you that they started looking for a new guy/girl friend and ended up getting Feelings for this person that they got feelings for after you two got back together?


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  • Why would they get back together with you if they already had feelings for someone else?
    Makes no sense.

    I'd think they can't love two people at once - which is basically true - so I'd say to them to follow their heart because everything else will be less than good - not ideal but good O. o.


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  • Try not to stress about it and try to find another partner naturally


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  • I would end the relationship. If they have feelings for another person then clearly I am not enough for them and Im not prepared to be second best and be constantly worried about this other person. If you have feelings for two people you should choose the second because if you really wanted the first person you wouldn't have developed feelings for someone else.


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