Did my ex mean this or said it to hurt me?

So we had a weird relationship. She would constantly act like she was fine didn't care hide her emotions. I hurt her continuesley. She would occasionally lash out asking and bitching why I don't care said she felt useless around me. I know at one point she was nuts about me. She had this shallow bad bitch attitude and saw me as an alpha male or somwthing. I was going through military training could see her like twice a month only. She didn't reach out to communicate a lot and then would cry and bitchy I wasn't. Anyways Im dtarting to make 74,000 a year just turning 22. She was really pissed when I dropped off some stuff and asked if I wasn't going to say anything. She said everything I did wrong and how I hurt her bringing up things up way in the past. Her friends said I was using her and she's too stupid to see it. Her family says the same and hate me. Anyways after I poured my heart out asking for her back she went on to tell me "it might sound shallow but I'm going to live a high class life style and I'm sorry military/cop doesn't do it" Thus is her fist year of college.. she always talked about getting rich. She talked about marrying rich In the beginning. She was saying I could take a semester off or somwthing just to make it work wheb we move out. She was willing to live in a shack with me last year around this time. It didn't matter. I can't believe I fell for a girl like this.. u think she just said this piss me off. by the way I think that she thinks I was having sex with someone a few days after the breakup due to social media. Revenge?

Wanted more answers from girls


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  • She said it just to hurt you.

    • Think there is some truth to it

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  • 74k and 22?

    lucky u bro... seems like she's jealous as hell


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  • People only mean what they say. Unfortunately there is always little bit of truth in these words.

  • Did it work?

    • Hell yeah it did. You saying she just tried to hurt me?

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