This is my first time breaking up and I can't help but feel like everything was my fault?

So I'm a sophomore in high school. I had my first girlfriend for about 6 months. Lately she has been treating me like shit like I am always doing something wrong. I would apologize but she'd never apologize for her wrongdoings and she is telling me stuff as if she thinks that its okay for her to hurt me but I can't hurt her.
So I broke up with her today. Now I am in bed feeling really bad and I am thinking of how different she may have been if certain scenarios were changed.


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  • You did the right thing. I had to do the same with my ex cause he treated me like trash. I broke up with him and felt so much better. She wasn't treating you right, don't feel upset you did the right thing. I've been in that position before

    • Do you ever wish things could've gone better?

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    • Thanks for answering

    • No problem best of luck to you (: I've already moved on from mine

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  • You did the right thing, regardless of it you were "right" or "wrong."

    If you are unhappy in a relationship then you need to leave. If your partner is unhappy and is vocalizing it (which she did) then it's better to not be together. By the sounds of it, she wasn't being fair and it wasn't all your fault. Does that mean you're innocent? Of course not, takes two to tango, but in this situation I think you handled it appropriately by leaving.

  • You're too good for her. Trust me this was the right thing to do, if you're not happy in a relationship it isn't worth it.. This is not your fault, remember the reason why you broke up with her.


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  • if she was treatin u like shit, then y do u think it was yer fault bro?


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